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Haydn is a former pilot and aircraft owner that loves to avoid the security lines and hassles of commercial flying.  His love of aviation (and his desire to pay lower hangar rent) resulted in the Company developing various hangar, office and FBO facilities located at Arlington Municipal Airport and Fort Worth Spinks Airport.

For additional information please visit: http://www.harrisonaviation.com

In 1997, Haydn formed Tape Innovations with three employees.  The company is a die-cut manufacture that originally operated in 2,000 sf of industrial space.  After a rough start over four years, the company’s sales took off and the company expanded four times in their original location.  As their growth continued, there was a need for additional office and air-conditioned warehouse space designed to improve their operating efficiencies.  Haydn Cutler Company worked with their management team to design and develop a new 30,000 sf facility that met the company’s target rental rate while providing flexibility for future growth and expansion.

For additional information please visit: http://www.tapeinnovations.com

While traveling in Italy, Haydn came across a starving artist that wanted to make a bronze statue of Bacchus.  After some negotiating over wine, Haydn agreed to commission the statue as long as the statue looked like him.  It took three trips to Italy for the artist to capture the essence of Haydn.  The first bronze casting was completed in 2003 and is now on display at Haydn’s home on Lake Bridgeport.

Haydn was not happy with the insurance quotes for his home on Lake Bridgeport.  The problem was that the nearest fire department was over 20 minutes away.  After exploring a number of options, Haydn decided that the best alternate was to form a volunteer fire department to serve the entire community.   A nonprofit 501(c) entity was formed, a board of directors elected, and fund raising activities commenced.  The fire department is now virtually debt free with a fire house, fire trucks, and helipad.   Their major fund raising activity is a cookout/auction held during the first week of July.  Be sure to buy several raffle tickets for the handmade quilt.  Haydn has resigned his position as Fire Chief, but we think that he still has his radio.

For additional information please visit: http://sandflatfiredepartment.org


First introduced in 1980 in Columbus, Ohio, Ritzy’s restaurants were patterned after the old-fashioned soda fountains and diners of the 1940’s.  In 2002, Haydn Cutler took over the concept and proceeded to update and reposition the concept for today’s fast casual lifestyle.  Haydn Cutler Company did the site location for the DFW market and then designed and developed the new prototype building for this exciting concept.

For additional information please visit: http://www.ritzys.com